Zettel ID

A Zettel ID is an unique identifier that refers to a particular zettel. They are encoded from the date when that zettel was initially created, and are designed to be shorter in length.

Format explained

Neuron uses weekdays in IDs. Consider the following zettel ID: 2008306. It is only 7 characters in length, but can uniquely identify a note taken in an adult’s lifetime.

The first two letters, 20, represent the year (and I’ll have to live beyond age 135 to run out of space here!). The next two, 08, represent the week number of the year. The subsequent letter, 3, which can be anything from 1 to 7, represents the week day. Finally, the last two letters represent the n’th note taken in that day.

The above example corresponds to the note file 2008306.md on disk.

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