Creating and Editing zettels

You may use any text editor with Markdown support to edit your zettel files. Neuron provides a command to create new zettel files with the suitable 2011403Zettel ID:

neuron ./notesdir new "My zettel title"

This command will print the path to the file created. You may pass it directly to your text editor like this:

neuron ./notesdir new "My zettel title" | xargs -rt vim

Newly created zettels will be a cluster of its own (see 2012301Clusters) until you connect other zettels to them.

Opening a Zettel by title

Use neuron’s search feature to search and open a Zettel by its title.

neuron ./notesdir search

This command will allow you to search your Zettels by title, and then print the matching zettel’s filepath at the end. You may pipe the command to your text editor in order to directly edit the matching Zettel:

neuron ./notesdir search | xargs -rt vim


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